CEO Tenure & Retention Dashboard

Analytica Consulting partnered with the Community College League of California to produce the 8th Update of the CEO Tenure & Retention Study.  This update is the first version to feature a dynamic dashboard with visual representations of over 100 years of California Community College chief executive officer tenure data. The dashboard is an interactive infographic that displays the growing presence of women in CEO positions, the effects of the Great Recession on CEO retention, and provides a snapshot of the diversity of California CEOs. Through dynamic charts and tables, users can identify trends and outliers to gain additional insight into the data.

CEO Tenure & Retention Dashboard

Steve Rimar Presents at the State of Reform Conference

Steve Rimar, CEO and Founder of Analytica Consulting, a technology services firm that specializes in data analytics and architecture, recently presented at the State of Reform Health Policy Conference in San Diego, December 5, 2017.

The State of Reform conference focuses on bridging the gap between the health care marketplace and health care policy. This conference is one of the largest, most diverse assemblies of health care executives and health policy leaders that that influence health care policy and administration in the state. The 2017 Southern California Conference had over 70 speakers and experts from across the spectrum of care.

Mr. Rimar’s conference topic was “Technology as a Tool for Care Improvement”. He discussed how data is transforming healthcare along with case studies.  Joining him in a panel discussion was Tanya Dansky, MD: Chief Medical Officer, Care1st Health Plan and Barbara DeBuono, MD: Vice President, Clinical Strategy & Value Based Care, 3M Health Information Systems.  The panel discussed various use-cases and experiences with technology and the impact on the future of health care.

California Department of Public Health Launches Public-Facing Dashboards

Congratulations to the California Department of Public Health for releasing publicly-available interactive data visualizations!  As one of the first State Agencies to provide public data via interactive dashboards, they are setting the pace for transforming static reports into dynamic, user-friendly tools. By utilizing these tools, CDPH is providing the public with a way to connect with publicly available data like never before, while encouraging them to ask questions, explore data, and make their own unique data discoveries.

To view the dashboards, click here. For more information on how your organization can utilize data visualizations to connect users with data, please email us at


Steve Rimar Presents at Qlik Qonnections 2017

This May, Qlik Qonnections, the premierBI conference, was held in Orlando, Florida. Steve Rimar, CEO & Founder of Analytica Consulting presented: Big Data Analytics with Qlik & Splunk to over 140 conference attendees

What is Spunk? Splunk is generally used as a machine data/log analytics platform and has a powerful search index that can hold massive amounts of information. This can be web server logs, device logs from millions/billions of users, etc. One thing it lacks is the visualization and interactivity available in the Qlik product suite. Steve’s presentation on the Splunk Connector, covered how to integrate the two technologies to create a world-class solution for analyzing big data on top of log files with Qlik.

For more information on the Splunk Connector, click here.  Steve’s PowerPoint presentation can be viewed by clicking here. For a Splunk Connector demo, email us at:

San Diego Qlik User Group Meeting

The San Diego Qlik User Group meeting was a great success! The event was on May 3 at AleSmith Brewing Company and had over 25 in attendance, including people from AMN Healthcare, Sony, BD, Prometheus Labs, GreatCall, Hologicand and UCSD Health. We had a few brief presentations going over QlikView/QlikSense tips and tricks, use-cases and product roadmap. However, there was plenty of time for networking with cold beers and appetizers. The next Qlik User Group meeting will be in Orange County on Thursday, June 1. Click here to register for this fun and informative event.