Build beautiful dashboards using QlikView or QlikSense directly on top of data stored in Splunk! Don’t waste your time trying to build dashboards in Splunk or doing manual exports of Splunk data so that you can import them into QlikView or QlikSense.

The Splunk Connector for Qlik developed by Analytica Consulting provides an easy, robust integration between the two platforms.

Features include:

  • Any easy to use interface which allows you to enter a Splunk Search or select a Saved Search to use with your Qlik application
  • Streams data directly from Splunk into Qlik’s in-memory model
  • Can use direct data discovery to allow Splunk to do the heavy lifting
  • Works with both QlikView and QlikSense

Click here to request a demo and trial version of the product.

How It Works:

  1. Once installed the connector will populate in the edit script dialog in QlikView or data load editor in QlikSense
  2. After clicking on Connect the user can select either a live search (basically cut and paste of the Splunk search string) or a Splunk saved search
  3. The code is inserted directly into the script
  4. Click Reload and watch the magic happen!