Tableau Beginner/Intermediate Training

Our two-day Tableau training course is led by one of the best Certified Professional Tableau Developers in the industry. As one of the fastest growing skills desired in today’s job market, spending the money and time to learn Tableau will put you a step ahead in your career.

Please contact us if you like an organization specific on-site Tableau Training. Customized packages and pricing options available.

Below are our upcoming Beginner Tableau Training Events:

Early Bird Specials – $900+tax

San Diego:

San Diego, CA. February 4-5, 2019 (Sign-up Early)

Why take our course?
  • Our classes are capped at 12 students to ensure each student is able to get individualized attention from the instructor.
  • We strive to make our course price more reasonable than other training companies – 40% less than most.
What you will learn:
Day 1 – Beginner Training

Description – With an existing data model, learn to design a Tableau dashboard from start to finish. This training is a condensed course to give you an understanding of standard Tableau workbook objects and the most popular features.

Topics Covered:
  • What is Tableau?
  • Tableau terminology
  • Connecting to data
  • Data transformations
  • Tableau Data Extract format
  • Joins and Blends
  • Creating data visualizations
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Discrete vs. Continuous
  • Enhancing your data visualizations with filters, groups, hierarchies
  • The Analytics Pane
Day 2 – Beginner to Intermediate Training

Description – You will learn about intermediate level concepts and techniques in Tableau – mapping, parameters, calculations – and learn some advanced tips and tricks to expand Tableau’s functionality.

Topics Covered:
  • What is a Dashboard?
  • Dashboard Use Cases
  • Dashboarding in Tableau
  • Story Mode
  • Data Types
  • Intro to Calculated Fields
  • Mapping in Tableau
  • Parameters
  • Advanced Chart Types
  • Advanced Dashboarding

If you have any questions or are interested in customized training for your company, please contact us at