Data is quickly becoming one of the most important assets of any organization. Companies need to be able to use their data to make better decisions and run their businesses more effectively. That’s where we come in…

  • Our firm specializes in providing data analytics, visualization, strategy, data architecture and training services.
  • We support multiple platforms including Tableau, Qlik, Denodo, Microsoft, Splunk, R, Python, SPSS and SAS.
  • We’re not just a technology firm, we help define key metrics and improve business operations.
  • Our staff has domain expertise in many arenas including healthcare, biotech, finance, manufacturing, quality, marketing, product development and sales.

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Our Vision

To become the most trusted data analytics service provider in California, servicing both public and private sectors. We pride ourselves in providing personal attention to all our clients as well as providing objective and trustworthy advice. We hold our staff to very high standards, are incredibly meticulous, and follow industry best practices to ensure our work goes beyond meeting our client’s needs.



Steve Rimar is a data analytics expert, technology evangelist, entrepreneur, and engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the software engineering, business intelligence, and IT industries. Steve has earned multiple honors including being published in CNN, NBC, Investor’s Business Daily, InformationWeek, Accenture’s Annual Report, Qualcomm’s Report About People and holds two U.S. patents. Steve’s experience and industry recognition within the data analytics field provided him the opportunity to found Analytica Consulting. He has since grown the company’s staff of consultants with expertise in multiple platforms including QlikView, Tableau, Microsoft and Splunk. He currently manages the client portfolio which includes multiple Fortune 500 clients within the U.S and California State Departments.

Meet our team

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  • Jennifer De La Cruz

    Director of Analytics
  • Clifton Leung

    Director of Finance and Operations
  • Jana Herlitz

    Executive Administration Specialist
  • Thomas Mackay

    Principal Solutions Architect
  • Brent Johnson

    Principal Consultant
  • Josh Karpen

    Principal Consultant
  • Michael Marks

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Jun Lee

    Senior Consultant
  • Jake Coniglione

    Senior Consultant
  • Brendan Law

    Senior Consultant
  • Carl Hollingsworth

    Senior Consultant
  • Adita Zeqollari

    Senior Consultant
  • Annie Flager

    Senior Consultant
  • Daniel Molitor

    Senior Consultant
  • Jonah Breslow

  • Sophia Sha

  • Justin Reafsnyder

  • Emily Rail